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Praise And Worship Defined

Praise - Worship. They mean two different things, yet we use them interchangeably. We find ourselves inclined to define Praise & Worship by beats per measure. We tend to think that praise means fast songs and worship means slow songs. However, praise and worship are not based on tempo: they are based on the words spoken and and expression given.

God is continually praised - by every creation He has made. Praise is automatic. When something good happens, we praise. In fact, God gets praise even if you or I refuse to give it. Jesus once said the rocks would cry out if his diciples did not praise Him (Luke 19:40). Obviously, rocks can not have a relationship with God, and interaction is not likely to take place between God and a rock. The point is that anything can praise; the sun, moon, stars, rivers, streams and even animals (Psalm 148).

Worship on the other hand takes relationship. It's the something we understand that God wants (John 4:23). This is not an automatic reaction to something that has happened. This is an act. It is a concious choice. When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and told her that "the Father is seeking them that would worship (proskuneo) Him," we believe that He meant it literally, not for colorful spiritual symbolism. God has revealed through His scriptures that He wants those who would lavish Him with worship. He is looking for "priests" - those who will press in to Him for the purpose of ministering to Him. God wants us to go one-on-one with Him. He wants us to turn our focus vertical, to press into His presence. He wants intimacy.

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