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In The Midst Ministries

In 1995, during some intense days of worshipping God and communicating with Him about leading worship, we received a vision/revelation about praise and worship. We began to practice the principles of the vision in our own lives. We were 25 years old in 1995. Although newly ordained, we had been privileged to walk in positions of spiritual leadership. We thought we were pretty mature and ready to begin immediately teaching these principles to the Body of Christ at large. But God's plan looked a little different. Instead of turning us loose right away He delayed opportunity while He walked us through refinement. By 2002, we had been carrying this burn in our hearts and spirits for 7 years. We thought for sure it was time. I suppose a little like Joseph thought he'd been in prison long enough when he told the pharaoh's servant to remember him. At any rate, we were desperate for movement. We prayed and fasted the first 3 days of each week for 8 weeks. At that time we received more details from God about this message and ministry. Thinking the time was right we pushed forward with all our personal strength and might to launch In The Midst. Still a bit premature, the launch was short lived. It's 2010 now, this message still lives breathes inside of us. We are partnered with God and confident that He will do what He wants with us and this message in His perfect time.

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