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What Is A Host Church?

A Host Church is a Church located in the town where In The Midst Ministries is going to be holding a concert event that has teamed with In The Midst Ministries. As a Host Church, the Church endorses the ideas and teachings of In The Midst Ministries. They promote the concert events throughout their congregation by teaching the material from the pulpit and in small group settings such as Sunday School and Cell Groups. As a Host Church, the Church also agrees to help In The Midst Ministries find 3 other churches in their area that would team with In The Midst Ministries as a Host Church. There is no cost involved to become a Host Church, only a commitment to expose their congregation to the Vision God has set forth for worship.

As a Host Church, both the Pastor and Worship Leader of the Church commit to participate in the concert event. There will be special seating for the Pastors and their families to sit in during the event. Their involvement and participation shows their commitment to the Vision. This also helps ensure that their Body gets a good understanding of the material and concepts taught by In The Midst.

As our way of saying thank you for being a Host Church, In The Midst Ministries will have a page on our site designated for Host Churches. On this page In The Midst Ministries will provide a banner space for the church with a link to their website.

e-mail info@inthemidst.org

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