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Business Statement:

In The Midst Ministries, Inc. has put together a business statement for those seeking to make a contribution to the organization. You may download a pdf* copy of the statement from this link for your convienence. Business Statement

*Please note that the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view.

In response to your request, In The Midst Ministries, Inc. has also established a budget statement of initial start-up costs for their new office facility as well as salaries for staff. This is merely a guideline to give us something to work from. You may download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet* copy of the statement from this link. Budget Statement

*Please note that Microsoft Excel is required to view.

If you are unable to view either of these statements and would like them in a text format or mailed to you through US Postal service, please contact us.

In The Midst Ministries is now listed with Guidestar, a national listing of Non-Profit organizations. To view our listing, click below.

e-mail info@inthemidst.org

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